Economically attractive

Pike faces some challenges in efforts to quickly attract employers — all under the heading of infrastructure. It is hard to find a site in Pike with water, sewer, gas and electric already installed. Even the business park lacks these basics. “Without that, vast areas cannot really be developed,” Sullivan said. “None of these deficiencies are insurmountable, but they do limit the options we can offer to companies who are looking to relocate.” But Pike is attractive in some important ways. Land costs less, taxes and regulations are less of a burden compared to neighboring states, and proximity to Interstate 84 is a plus. The moderate cost of labor is an attraction, though the goal is to increase wages through competition between employers. Sullivan believes that despite the economy, local businesses can succeed. “I would ask any business in Pike County to re-evaluate themselves. Don’t listen to negativity,” he said. “Take a chance on learning new technology and new best practices. That is the future for them.”.