Food Repackager Moving to Altec Building

Pike County Dispatch By Patti Malzahn Thursday Sept. 19th
MILFORD — At the township supervisors’ meeting Monday night, North American Packaging LLC, dba Econo-Pak, one of the largest food repackaging companies in America, applied for conditional use to move some of their facilities from Sussex, NJ into the old Altec Lansing building. The Company provides packaging services of to Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft-Co, and for medium to small companies, such as Entemanns’s. In some cases, the company will take items such as Oreos, remove them from their packaging and repackage into smaller serving sizes. They also do bulk packaging and initial packaging. Entemann’s for example will send trays of muffins to be packaged as Little Bites. It saves companies such as Entenmanns and many others money because they don not have to buy equipment. It also saves the companies money because North American Packaging is non-union, and according to Peter Wievel, CEO of North American Packaging that ‘makes it cheaper.”

Wiebel came to the Milford Township Supervisors meeting Monday night to apply for a conditional use of the old Altec Lansing building. According to Township Secretary Viola Canouse, American Packaging is sub-leasing right now from the current occupant Kolmar, but there is a sale pending from the owner, so they will continue to sub-lease from Kolmar until the sale goes through. The conditional use allows North American Packaging to apply for any permits they might need while in the space the same way the building owner might. Canouse said they are in there renovating, but have not started production. The facility will be in operation 24 hours a day. The first and second shift has about 150 employees each while the third shift has between 30 – 80 employees. Almost all of the employees will be transfers from the old facility. Wiebel noted that many of them will be car-pooling and will only have 30-50 cartsin the parking lot during the day.

Since it is a 24 hour production, trucks will be coming to pick up product 24 hours a day. Weibel stated a better than average day would be 20 trucks, and 13 would be during the day. Production slows down at night, but it does not stop. In an effort to minimize any disturbance the trucks may cause, and be efficient as a business, the company uses a ” drop and hook” system. The company therefore, stores between 60 and 75 trailers on site, and will use them as needed. When the trucks arrive, they will drop off their trailer and goods, and attach an outgoing trailer already filled. This allows trucks to come and go so quickly, and minimizes idling times.