Local business owner published in new book for women

Pike County Courier January 19, 2012
Productivity coach helps ‘get it all done,’ co-authors book.
MILFORD — Local business owner Cena Block of Sane Spaces, LLC, specializes in working with professional women and businesses challenged with productivity, time and people management. Her chapter titled “Getting it All Done” is featured in a new book out this year titled “The Unstoppable Woman’s Guide to Emotional Well-Being,” by Erika Gilchrist. The book is written by 24 authors, and is a wonderful resource for all unstoppable women. As women have evolved to represent 49 percent of the workforce over the past forty years, many still are required to provide the lion’s share of childcare, errands and domicile responsibilities. Because of this, women have experienced the effects of stress in their lives, relationships and health. “So many women I speak with in both professional and personal relationships struggle with everything they need to accomplish on a daily basis” says Block. “A major reason women constantly feel stressed and overwhelmed is because many have a hard time balancing their commitments and obligations. Most often, those who struggle most have a habit of prioritizing everyone else’s needs ahead of their own.” In her chapter, “Getting it All Done”, Block offers self-reflective exercises designed for unstoppable women to explore. “Investing the time to re-evaluate your current day-to-day actions can make a world of difference in your level of stress and mental mindset. Managing your internal factors make all the difference in the world between an unstoppable woman who is happy while accomplishing it all, and one who is miserable.” Block introduces five key ways to get it all done and be well at the same time: Understanding your perspective and whether it serves you. Here, her perspective inquiries guide you to explore the “meaning” you place on experiences and things in your life. Knowing what is most important to you. Here she helps you identify and define your core values and why you are drawn to do what you do. Understanding what motivates you, repeatedly. In this segment of her chapter, Block introduces the idea that to get motivated, you must focus on eliminating dissatisfaction in your life. Minimizing your personal barriers and limitations. This segment talks about making the best of your strengths and talents, and getting assistance with your gaps. The final piece of advice on how to be unstoppable and get it all done, centers around making a contribution and giving back. In addition, the book has 23 other chapters to motivate unstoppable women. Block says that “If you’re in need of a great way to jump-start your year, get a copy today.” It is available in print on her site, (www.sanespaces.com