Pike County celebrates National Entrepreneurship Week

Pike County Commissioners proclaim February 20-26 as Entrepreneurship Week in Pike County Milford, Milford, February 9, 2011: The Pike County Economic Development Authority is pleased to announce that today the Pike County Board of Commissioners proclaimed February 20-26 as Entrepreneurship Week, kicking off the local celebration to coincide with National Entrepreneurship Week. The proclamation indicated that entrepreneurship is vital to the county’s growth and prosperity, the creation of new jobs, and an integral part of the dreams and pursuits of many young adults. The celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week was acknowledged as “an opportunity to focus on the innovative ways in which entrepreneurship education can bring together the core academic, technical and problem solving skills essential for future entrepreneurs and successful workers in future workplaces.” Entrepreneurs are the foundation of economic development in the Pike County area and throughout the nation. “Owning and operating a business is both challenging and rewarding. Many hard working business owners make up the backbone of our local economy. We commend and celebrate these risk takers for their contributions and we encourage the development of more small businesses in Pike County,” said Commissioner Richard Caridi. Other activities being coordinated by the EDA as part of the 3rd annual Pike County celebration of National Entrepreneurship Week include Entrepreneurs in the Classroom, a program collaborating with teachers, local entrepreneurs and students in vo-tech, business and entrepreneurial classes at Delaware Valley High School and a seminar offered in collaboration with the Small Business Development Center of the University of Scranton entitled “First Steps to Opening a Business” which will be held on Tuesday, February 22nd at the offices of the EDA from 6 to 8 PM. There is a no fee to attend this event in honor of Entrepreneurship Week. To reserve your place, please pre-register with the EDA office at 570-296-7332 or Tammy@edapikepa.org. The Pike County EDA serves as an outreach location for the Small Business Development Center at the University of Scranton and partners with them to provide free small business counseling for the support of entrepreneurism in the area. The SBDC works with clients in Pike County who are pre-venture or already operational businesses and can provide assistance in a myriad of topics, not limited to but including, writing a business plan, development marketing and financial plans, accessing new markets, addressing human resource challenges, succession planning, conducting a breakeven analysis, or filing the appropriate paperwork to open a business legitimately. The SBDC has a large reference library accessible to Pike County residents at the University either directly or through their professional staff and partners with the EDA to bring educational seminars to the community. Initial information on accessing the SBDC’s services is available by contacting the EDA office. The EDA also offers a reference library of print and online resources available to the community which includes information on the national and local market, financial data on many industries, including start-up, operational costs and profit margins, basic information on many franchises and as well as access to top websites on topics such as building a business plan and marketing. Recently the EDA expanded the electronic resources available in the reference library to include access to a grants database. National Entrepreneurship Week is the brainchild of the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education in Ohio, a national membership organization supporting entrepreneurship education. Nationally, this is the 4th year of the annual celebration of entrepreneurship. All three of Pike County’s Commissioners have entrepreneurial backgrounds, understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face and the environment in which they thrive. “Fostering entrepreneurship by providing resources within the county strengthens Pike County’s economy and our future,” said Com. Harry Forbes. “We would like to thank the entrepreneurs, teachers and school officials as well as the SBDC and EDA staff members who worked to coordinate all of these activities.” The Pike County Economic Development Authority office is co-located with the Pike County Chamber of Commerce at 209 East Harford Street in Milford and can be reached at 570-296-7332 or admin@pidco.com. .