Press Release from Pike County Economic Development Authority and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday November 1st 2011 The Pike County Economic Development Authority and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce are pleased to announce the formation of the Pike County Economic Alliance, bringing the two organizations together in a collaborative working enterprise structure.
The formation of the Pike County Economic Alliance was spearheaded by the Alliance Taskforce Committee whose members were appointed by each organization. The Alliance Taskforce Committee conducted an investigation of economic support organizations in comparable counties throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Drawing upon examples of other successful working alliances in these counties, the Committee developed a plan which will focus on Pike County’s economic stimulus. The Economic Development Authority is principally charged with bringing new business to the County and the Pike County Chamber of Commerce is charged with strengthening existing County business. Each organization will continue to maintain its individual mission, objectives, Board of Directors and Committees. “The Taskforce has done an outstanding job in moving this project forward. We are very excited to see their long hours of research, deliberation and planning come to completion in the formation of the Alliance. This effort will greatly enhance our ability to support the local economy,” commented Dave Farrington, Board Chairman of the Economic Development Authority. As a working alliance, together the organizations will accomplish their shared objectives of utilizing a more efficient use of resources and a united management effort under a joint Executive Director. This alliance will enhance financial efficiencies within each organization, resulting in a stronger economic environment through cost saving benefits. A search for one Executive Director to head the Alliance and manage both the Chamber and the Economic Development Authority is underway. Job description information may be found on both the Chamber’s website and the EDA’s website