School Board Approves Shohola Tax Abatement Plan

Pike County Dispatch , Thursday April 25, 2013 By Lisa Mickles
SHOHOLA — Delaware Valley School Board voted last Thursday to participate in the Pike County Tax Abatement Program for Shohola Township only. Eight of the nine board members were present when the question was called. Director Chuck Pike voted no with Director Pam Lutfy abstaining. Director Sue Casey was pessimistic that the tax abatement program would work but voted yes with regret. Remaining directors President Bill Greenlaw, Directors Sue Schor, John Wroblewski, Zachary Pearce, and Bob Goldsack voted in favor of allowing the five-year tax abatement program on new commercial development or expanding existing businesses within Shohola Township. Director Jack Fisher, who has been an opponent of approving any type of tax abatement program, was not present. The board has been discussing the Pike County Tax Abatement Program that exempts assessed valuation of improvements on new construction of industrial, commercial, and other business properties within the boundaries of Shohola Township. DVSD can vote to approve other municipalities’ requests on a case by case basis. Wallenpaupack Area School District (WASD) already approved participating, and Lackawaxen and Blooming Grove townships, which are located within WASD, already showed interest.