Toomey touts small business bill to Pike Chamber

By Katie Collins The News Eagle reporter September 10. 2012 4:03PM
Pike County Chamber of Commerce recently invited Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) to Woodloch Pines to hear what the people of Pike County had to say. Arriving late to the gathering, Toomey said it was good to be back in Pike County. Toomey said being at the resort was a “valuable opportunity” to hear what he should be “focusing on in Washington to help encourage job security for economic growth.”?Toomey said he was aware that the unemployment rate in Pike County was high and the “recovery is terrible.” He added there, “really is a lack of recovery” and with the economy being weak overall, the economy is “particularly weak in this part of Pennsylvania.”

Pleased to get the JOBS Act bill recently passed, Toomey said there is not “a lot of bipartisan cooperation in Washington, unfortunately this was.” Toomey said he wrote most of the bill and that it was “designed to allow small and growing companies to allow capital more affordable.” The new bill will allow companies to privately raise money, which will enable companies to grow and hire new workers. Toomey said the bill will not “change the economy overnight,” but the bill will help and he was glad to get it done and that the President Barrack Obama signed the bill into law.?With the federal transportation budget, Toomey said a two-year bill has been passed that reauthorizes transportation funding. He said “we” should be doing things to make transportation authorization bills longer than two years, so people will be able to make plans. Toomey called this a “problem with the dysfunctional government that we have” because moving in the current small steps is bad because there are “bigger things” that need to be done. He was pleased that a two-year bill was at least signed.?With the new bill, Toomey said infrastructure is possible in the Pocono region because there’s substantial funding in the bill, but the state of Pennsylvania will have to “allocate” the money in “ways that make sense.”?As for the Republic presidential candidate, Toomey said he thinks Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the “ideal men for the time that we face” because they understand how to get the economy moving again. He said Romney and Ryan will get “our fiscal house in order” and allow people to have “economic growth and prosperity” that is needed that “can only come from a free enterprise system from the private sector.” Toomey added that Romney and Paul “are the clear choice” to get the “economy moving again.”