Township denies business park request

By Tom Kane, The River Reporter, January 9, 2013
A request by Michael Sullivan, the director of the Pike County Economic Development Authority for a reduction of the setback rule that applies at the Pike County Business Park from 150 feet to 10 feet was turned down by the Blooming Grove Township Board. Sullivan was attempting to accommodate a new employer who wanted to park large buses at the site. The Davis Company has a fleet of 25 school buses that would need room for a garage and parking area. Sullivan had argued that the company was a non-manufacturing business and would not cause a lot of industrial noise. He said that they would plant a natural screen of trees and erect a fence to camouflage the buses from public view. “The council said they want the setback and that the houses across from the park on Route 434 would be less disturbed if the setback was observed,” Sullivan said.