Supervisors OK tax incentive to promote new business

May. 18, 2015

GREENE TWP. – “New jobs, substantial enlargement of an existing building for an innovative, very green, high technology industry… something very nice will happen in Greentown,” Mike Sullivan, Executive Director of the Pike County Economic Development Authority, indicated Wednesday evening at the Greene Township supervisors’ meeting. “I am under a gag order and cannot announce anything.”

Sullivan is the Executive Director of the Pike County Economic Development Authority (EDA).

“We want to have an incentive program,” Sullivan said. He proposed that the Supervisors adopt the Pike County Tax Abatement Program.

••• Thoughtful economic development

“We are trying to promote thoughtful economic development,” he continued. “Relocating businesses are given incentive. New building tax abatement for a period of five years. Ninety percent in the 1st year, 80% in the 2nd year, 60% in the 3rd year, 40% in the 4th year and 20% in the 5th year.”

“It is a modest program, but lower taxes are paid in this area (as compared to NY or NJ). The municipality always gains but never loses a penny,” he explained.

“I understand that someone wants to develop the old Swiss Maid property off Mozzette Road,” chair Ed Simon noted.

••• Happiness guarantee

“Five other townships have agreed to the tax abatement program,” Pike County Commissioner Matt Osterberg stated. “The abatement is also extended to additions to existing buildings. Wallenpaupack Area School District has already agreed with the abatement program in other townships.”

“You will be very happy,” Osterberg promised. “Three businesses at this time have taken advantage of the abatement in the county.”

“Southern states offer tax incentives and it has become difficult for the Northeast to compete for business. This is a win-win for us,”

Solicitor Jeffrey Treat agreed. “Because there is no zoning it would be for the entire township not just a specific zone.”

The Supervisors agreed to adopt the tax abatement program.

••• Road projects

“Several roads are unable to be repaired due to continued frost upheaval, but should be repairable in two weeks,” roadmaster Jerry Obert reported.

“Our road improvement projects this year,” announced Simon, “first is to replace the pipe on Creek Road, next is to blacktop Lake Paupack Road from the Lake Paupack community entrance approximately 1700 feet south, then repair the road to the corner, and lastly to oil and chip the paved portion of Kuhn Hill Road.

The supervisors agreed to purchase liquid calcium from Peckham Industries at $1.069 per gallon for a total amount of $21,380.

••• Financial standing

The supervisors agreed to transfer $200,000 to a money market fund for three months.

The total checking and savings assets at the end of February 2009 was $51,111.96 and has increased each year. The total checking and savings assets at the end of February 2015 was $529,748.12.

The supervisors conditionally approved the Hespell two-lot subdivision, Rt. 447, contingent upon receipt of PennDOT highway occupancy permit.

June 12-14, 2015 was designated as Greene-Dreher alumni weekend. Supervisors agreed to donate $100 in honor of their 100th anniversary.

Spring Clean up is scheduled for Saturday, May 16.

The Greene Township Supervisors meet on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the offices off Brink Hill Road, Greentown.